KM Song from the Sky 010
Evy sketch1-ANIMATION
This was an “under-wraps” gift I’m just
LATEST PORTRAIT! “L&R”_This beautiful couple was commissioned by Mr
My adorable nephews!_(Drawn using Sketchbook on Samsung Note Tablet) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt
Next one is - Dwayne Johnson! This one was fun to do, and also added some progression snapshots whil
Elven Warrior Princess (Drawn with Sketchbook on Samsung Note Tablet) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueAr
Black Widow (colored pencil) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #WendyMonique
PortraitArt - Somehow, I missed posting this adorableness! (OnHere) Mr
Latest Piece_ Auralye- my adorable squishable baby niece! _hand drawn on Samsung tablet -- drawings
Forest Princesses
More artwork - drawing of my daughter at 3, my little pixie! Ha! #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #We
NEW - Musician Series (in progress - more to come!)
10252019 Musician Series Santana WEB
07292019 Musician Series Gary Clark Jr W
09042019 SRV1 web
10082019 Musician Series WillieNelson we
07262019 Daily Doodle Slash WEB1
07272019 Daily Doodle Daniel Donato WEB.
07262019 Daily Doodle RockyAthas WEB
07282019 Daily Doodle SRV WEB
07272019 Daily Doodle Dad Guitar WEB
Vibrant Laughter Series
Vibrant Laughter 25 web2
Vibrant Laughter 02
Vibrang Laughter 5
Vibrant Laughter Series 4 web
Vibrant Laughter Series 3 web
Vibrant Laughter 24 web
Vibrant Laughter 22 web
Vibrant Laughter 21 web
Vibrant Laughter 20 web
Vibrant Laughter 19 web
Vibrant Laughter 18 web
Vibrant Laughter 17 web
Vibrant Laughter 16 web
Vibrant Laughter 15 web2
Vibrant Laughter 14 web
Vibrant Laughter 13 web
Vibrant Laughter 12 web
Vibrant Laughter 11 web
Vibrant Laughter 10 web
Vibrant Laughter 9 web
Vibrant Laughter 8 web
Vibrant Laughter 7 web
Vibrant Laughter 6 web
Digital Drawings and Doodles
03012019 Daily Doodle - Dolphins1 WEB
04022019 Tulips in the Sky web
rainbow octopus1 web1
Splash Fire
Painted Hand
Raven in a Storm
Bringing in the Night Sky
Bee in the Leaves
Night Owl
Forest Princesses
Sunset at the Lake
Blood Orange Tea
Stag in Moonlight
Northern Lights
Sunset Ocean Waves
Other Artwork (acrylic paintings, colored pencil art and graphite/charcoal art)
Ghost Butterfly (painted after the ghost
Newest piece - Ghost Guitar (green)  #gu
Dragonfly Garden Rock (about 11”x6”) use
Yoga Ghosted _16”x20” acrylic painted on
This is part of a WIP painting! 57BelAir Blue Guitar
Beer in a glass - trying to get the glass and the double layered beer
Dragon’s Eye, “Ghosted” - I am pretty sure I’m done!! Acrylic on 16”x20” - for sale $440
Old Windmill (Acrylic)_Reference photo by JFoster Photography #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #Wendy
Ghost Guitar (blue)_Full image on FB ArtsUndefined by Wendy Moniqué
Stag in Moonlight (Acrylic with glow!) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #WendyMonique
Older art and sketches..
Ghost Butterfly (painted after the ghost guitars!) acrylic on 16x20 canvas #createart #butterflyart
Jellyfish (Acrylic with glow!) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #WendyMonique
More artwork - drawing of my daughter at 3, my little pixie! Ha! #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #We
Glowing Globe (Acrylic with glow!) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #WendyMonique
charcoal) - this one was a pretty interesting piece for me
Stag in Moonlight (Acrylic with glow!) #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #WendyMonique
Old Windmill (Acrylic)_Reference photo by JFoster Photography #ArtsUndefined #WendyMoniqueArt #Wendy
Arts Festival in Denton!
Beer in a glass - trying to get the glass and the double layered beer
This is part of a WIP painting! 57BelAir Blue Guitar
Pixie Princess
Kissing Bunnies
Christmas Ornaments on Mini-Canvas Boards
Photo Dec 03, 8 45 50 PM
Photo Dec 04, 9 46 24 AM
Photo Nov 27, 4 23 49 PM
Photo Nov 27, 12 52 10 PM
Photo Nov 27, 2 25 03 PM
Photo Nov 26, 11 35 15 AM
Photo Nov 27, 1 43 17 PM
Photo Nov 27, 2 09 55 PM
Photo Nov 26, 6 16 31 PM
Photo Nov 22, 4 16 39 PM
Little Guy
Pups with Reference Pics
Various Ornaments
Various Ornaments
Pete with his ornament
Gunner with his Ornament
Annie with her Ornament
Pups with their ornaments
Ruby's Ornament on the Tree
Piper/Lexi Ornament on Tree
Pretty Kara Ornament
Drink up Grinches 1
Drink up Grinches
Workout Gift Ornaments *Spin Class
Colorful Sally Ornament
Singing Angel
Multiple Ornament
Multiple Ornaments
Smiling Pittie
Charlie Brown
Various Ornaments
Buffalo Plaid
Rainbow Tree
Truck and Tree
Kitty Ornaments
Pup with Ornament
Kitty Ornaments
Beautiful Couple Ornament
Memory Ornament
Chloe Ornament
Josh's Ornament
Owl Ornament
Fluffy Dog
Ornaments (one in progress)
Custom Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
Various Ornaments
Christmas Movie Ornament
Cute Owl Ornament
Various Ornaments
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Bees Christmas
Cute Bear and BEE
Coffee Kitty
Various Ornaments
Singing Birds (Custom Ornaments)
Christmas Cactus
Evie (Memorial Ornament)
BRIT (Brittany Rescue in Texas)

Grid Gallery


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